Event Pricing

Birthday Package for Child — $149

$149 event fee (includes up to 30 minutes on site + 20 items; each additional item charged at cost, $3-$5 each).

Prepay $149 + 7% tax upon booking. Sarasota ONLY.


Host books truck for private event where host pays for all items. Cost is event fee of $150 per hour + ice cream consumption ($3-$5 per item) + tax.  Sarasota ONLY.

Charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofits pay $75 an hour.

Deposit of 50% is taken at time of booking. The balance is charged the day of the event. Tax is 7%. 


Host guarantees $150 in sales per hour (for public events where everyone pays on their own) + tax. Sarasota ONLY.

If sales guarantee is not met, host pays the balance. Host pays booking fee for deposit of 50% of total upon booking—1 hour deposit would be $75, 2 hours would be $150. Nonprofit rates do not apply to Public Events. Any balance due will be charged at end of event, or a refund will be provided if Host fully meets guarantee through sales to the public.

We require a deposit of 50% of the event fee at time of booking using a credit card. The balance will be charged the day of the event. Tax is 7% and added to total.